Singapore will be celebrating it’s 54th birthday on 9 August 2019. The Little Red Dot as what they call it, has a been my 2nd home for over a decade now.

I remember the first time I have visited this beautiful country was in February 2006. My Father was celebrating his 70th birthday and my eldest Sister gave him a Singapore tour trip as a present. Since they were already living in UK at that time, I was asked to accompany my parents for the tour… I immediately fell in love with this beautiful country. I have said to myself that I will look for a job and live in this country. In October 2007, I was fortunate to receive a job offer to work here and I was able to bring my daughter and study here in 2009 till now.

It is admirable how the country was able to maintain peace, order, cleanliness and harmony among people of different race and religion living here.

In honor of Singapore’s 54th birthday, I have painted a Singapore flag, map and the man behind the success of Singapore Mr. Lee Kwan Yew. I am grateful for all the opportunities and wonderful memories I have living in this great country.