Breakthrough from pain through paints💕

I have been eating vegetables frequently lately and my joints has improved so much... I have to deal with the physical pain caused by having rheumatoid arthritis everyday... A little relief from pain is very noticeable and I am very grateful for that. I have managed to aliviate the mental and emotional pain it has beset me over the years. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease last 2009 when I visited the Doctor and had done several blood tests because I can no longer bear the pain and restricted me from moving my joints mainly my neck, shoulders, ankles and wrists. I feared everyday that my condition will worsen as the Doctor says there is no cure but medicines will only slow down joint deterioation and manage inflammation that may cause other disease.
I was on steroids and pain relievers for 6 years and decided to just stop taking them as the pain is doubled after the medicine loses it's effect after a few hours. I do not talk about this pain so much now because I have my paints now to talk about instead. I do not want to go back when I was in fear and pain... And same with my thoughts, I choose to think and focus on painting instead.  I have had terrible days with pain and will only pop a pain killer if it is too much to bear on some days. It took awhile for me to come into terms that the pain is there with me and has been my companion day in day out. My daughter told me that I should talk about my disease to inspire others with chronic pain how I manage everyday with pain and with a 'dysfunctional' wrists and hands... My wrist is lock frozen and fused.  Anything I do with my hands is painful and yet I can still paint. Painting gave me a silverlining. I am not defined by my pains anymore even I live it with every single day. I have never been happier and peaceful. And looking forward to a more colorful future ahead ❤️