The very first person who have witnessed my first artwork is my daughter Zoe.  She has been there from day one I started to paint to this day.  In fact, it was her art materials that I used to paint and I remember how she teaches me to check on my values, tones, color mixing, perspectives, strokes and so much more.  I have also admired her passion in drawing. She is my honest critic and the best inspiration I have in the Universe. 

When I finish a painting, I would show it to her and ask her several times if my work is good or needs improvement. I would ask her a lot... More than 3x and she would be annoyed and would tell me that my work is great.  Sometimes, she would be surprised how I have improved in painting. I would reciprocate the compliment by telling her that she is very talented and at her age her artwork is amazing.  She would remind me that she has been drawing since she was 2 years old and it takes practice, commitment and passion to achieve what she can do now.  And the converstion will continue at complimenting each other and tell each other how we are proud of each other. 

Last November 2016, I have attempted to paint Koi Fish. At that time, I felt frustrated as I thought I could paint it at one try. 

At last, I can say that I can paint a Koi Fish that I am happy and very satisfied with.  I have invested time, effort, art materials and have infused passion, perseverance, courage, determination and lots of love in what I do to improve my artworks.  The feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment is evident. 

 I am willing to improve more and do more of what I love to do.