Christopher Reeve is one of my favorite actor and Superman is my favovite Super Hero.  I am in the middle of reading his book "Still Me"  and was compelled to write about this blog which was in my head to write about.  Originally I wanted to have a blog about how we all are warriors in this life. There are so many battles we have to face and the most difficult one is the battle we have to face everyday, every moment, is the battle with our own self. 


As I read through his book, he has experienced the same struggles and turmoils we all are facing as a human being even before his accident.  And he has to deal a lot more after his accident. 

 It is very ironic and difficult to accept to see Superman in a tragic accident that would make him quadriplegic. Unable to fly and let alone walk or do basic movements. 

However, he overcomed and has risen through all this diffulties. Afterall, we are made of body, mind and spirit. Our body might have deteriorated or may have been broken but we have the power to guard our mind and spirit as well from being overwhelmed by what our body is going through. 

It is inspiring to know that he was still able to continue living his life to the fullest despite his situation. He has a resilient mind and strong spirit to be able to get through each day. 

 We, like Superman, is susceptible to struggles and problems in life. But we are all super heroes, strong and powerful that are capable to win  these battles.