My Father was my biggest Fan.  I am his favorite child. I remember he would boast at how good I am to his friends and relatives. He was beaming with pride whenever he talks about me. But I am embarrased as I feel that it is not true that I am good... as I do not have trophies and medals to prove that. 

When I had my daughter Zoe, I was like my Father talking about how good my daughter is. She would also feel embarassed when she became a teenager and would ask me is she really talented and good.  I would reassure her over and over.  Until one day just after her Secondary School commencement that she has finally accepted and believed all the good things I was talking about her. She told me she believed me now amd have more confidence in herself. 

As for me, people who have seen my Art have told me that I am talented and good at what I do.  And I believe that I am still not fully believing in myself and still looking for validations like trophies and medals or probably certificates of recognition. 

 It is hindering my growth as a person and as an Artist. 

I would always remind myself that I am good and I am enough. No validations needed.  

 I AM talented.