All Artists may have thought or dreamed of having their artworks exhibited in a gallery. I would be honest that walking inside a gallery feels intimidating for me. The ambiance inside the gallery and the prices of the magnificent artworks displayed makes me feel uncomfortable after I look and appreciate the beautiful paintings.

Voices in my head would say that someday I will have my artworks displayed in a gallery… but part of me says, maybe after 10 years or not so soon. I feel that I am not ready and my artworks are not good enough. Because of this limiting belief, I dare not ask or research how my artworks can be displayed in an an exhibit. First step has been made, an email and a call to the gallery… a meet up to show my artworks and for the Founder of the Articulture to approve my artworks to be displayed in their gallery…

I was stunned but very grateful at how things just put into place for me; a date has been set to exhibit my paintings… I have to find some of the paintings that I have hidden in the cupboard for a very long time. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

The day came.. I met new and old friends during the exhibit.. the support from strangers, friends and colleagues was very overwhelming. It felt so good how people look at my paintings and appreciate my works.

I am very thankful and forever grateful for the individuals for making my first solo exhibit a dream come true… may you be blessed hundred folds.

I will continue to paint and continue to dream for more exhibits to come.