Story and painting by me
In her lifetime, Sayang shed a river of Tears of Joy and sadness. She feels that the tears flowing from her eyes get wasted and she wonder how can these tears of her be able to be transformed into peace, beauty and love into the World. She whispered to Mother Earth and said she wanted to collect her tears and give it to Mother Earth as a gift . Mother Earth was delighted and said "My precious Sayang, I am very grateful for your present. Your tears of joy and sadness I accept with open arms." Sayang slept like a baby through the night in the Heart of the Forest. She was awakened by the sound of the splashing waters. She opened her eyes and the sight of the waterfall took her breath away. Mother Earth spoke to her "Sayang, your tears will never be wasted ever again. Whenever, tears fall down from your lovely eyes, collect them and I will turn them into Waterfalls!" ~ jā¤