Infusing Love and Peace in my Artwork

I cannot stress enough how wonderful the feeling of peace when I am painting. I love every minute of I spent painting. When I was starting painting, someone close to me told me that I am wasting my time in painting as I am not able to do the household chores and not have enough sleep painting in the wee hours. My Sister thought that I have gone crazy because I am painting on leaves, rocks and some items. What I just know is that is makes me calm and I love what I am doing even painting small.

Being passionate with painting I have learnt to love myself more and realized how important to have peace of mind. Fear, worry, doubt and all the negative feelings are being washed away and I feel lighthearted. I am happy to share my artworks to everyone and hope that the love and peace I have infused in my paintings radiates to each soul who sets their eyes into it.

I wish everyone love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance and prosperity.