A New Chapter for Me and My Daughter

I am a proud Mother to my daughter Zoe who is now 17 years old.

My Daughter’s Prom Night marks the last day of her Senior Year in Secondary School. They do not have a graduation day. They just had an exam a day before the Prom and not have much time to prepare for the said occasion. I am glad that she let me participate in choosing her dress, her accessories and shoes. At first I thought that my advise will not matter as she has been talking to her friends about all these. I actually have thought about my prom when I was her age and have not asked my Mother about what to wear or anything regarding prom for that matter. My daughter and I knows that my taste is different from hers and she has already told me not to buy her clothes, shoes, bags without her. She asked me if she can dye her hair red and my eyes widened. I said yes halfheartedly but I know that this is what she likes. She asked me to accompany her at the Salon and wait till it finish. I am glad that it turned out beautiful as the color is not that striking red.

Two days after her prom, it is already her 1st day of work. And again I am happy that she asked me to accompany her to her workplace. She has figured it out that she will work part time while waiting for her O levels result and continue during her Junior College.

I am happy that she is confident about her results and she can already make good decisions about her life. She also told me that she wanted to be a Biologist and a Teacher. And she has mentioned her goals and dreams. Big dreams that is. I support her all the way. She has made me live my life to the fullest. As a Mother of Zoe, I feel so blessed.

We are both looking forward to 2019 for her Junior College. A new beginning for the both of us.