My First Video Recording of how I paint

Good Morning Universe!
Finally I was able to document, from start to finish through video, how I paint. I have uploaded it in youtube.  This is something I will treasure since in the future I can just watch it again. I tried to do time lapse and video speed but it just wouldn't work. So I uploaded everything... I thought I pressed mute during recording.. Apparently not... Still lots of things to learn. 💕

I hope if you watch this video, it will relax your mind, soothe your spirit, warms your heart and put a smile on your face. 💕


Singapore will be celebrating it’s 54th birthday on 9 August 2019. The Little Red Dot as what they call it, has a been my 2nd home for over a decade now.

I remember the first time I have visited this beautiful country was in February 2006. My Father was celebrating his 70th birthday and my eldest Sister gave him a Singapore tour trip as a present. Since they were already living in UK at that time, I was asked to accompany my parents for the tour… I immediately fell in love with this beautiful country. I have said to myself that I will look for a job and live in this country. In October 2007, I was fortunate to receive a job offer to work here and I was able to bring my daughter and study here in 2009 till now.

It is admirable how the country was able to maintain peace, order, cleanliness and harmony among people of different race and religion living here.

In honor of Singapore’s 54th birthday, I have painted a Singapore flag, map and the man behind the success of Singapore Mr. Lee Kwan Yew. I am grateful for all the opportunities and wonderful memories I have living in this great country.



My Father used to sing this song alot to us... I loved the harmony and the lyrics.

I realized that the chorus has been imbedded in my subconscious mind and became one of my beliefs. 

 "Que Sera, Sera Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be"

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I have been eating vegetables frequently lately and my joints has improved so much... I have to deal with the physical pain caused by having rheumatoid arthritis everyday... A little relief from pain is very noticeable and I am very grateful for that. I have managed to aliviate the mental and emotional pain it has beset me over the years. I was diagnosed last 2009 when I can no longer bear the pain and restricted me from moving my joints mainly my neck, shoulders, ankles and wrists. I feared everyday
that my condition will worsen as the Doctor says there is no cure but medicines will only slow down joint deterioation and manage inflammation that may cause other disease.
I was on steroids and pain reliever for 6 years and decided to just . I do not talk about this pain so much now because I have my paints to talk about instead. I do not want to go back when I was in fear and pain... And same with my thoughts, I choose to think and focus on painting instead.  I have had terrible days with pain and will only pop a pain killer if it is too much to bear on some days. It took awhile for me to come into terms that the pain is there with me and has been my companion day in day out. My daughter told me that I should talk about my disease to inspire others with chronic pain how I manage everyday with pain and with a 'dysfunctional' wrists and hands... My wrist is lock frozen and fused.  Anything I do with my hands will be painful and yet I can still paint. Painting gave me a silverlining. I am not defined by my pains anymore even I live it with every single day. I have never been happier and peaceful. And looking forward to a more colorful future ahead ❤️


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My very first painting... I was trying to paint a waterfall... After 3.5 hours it became like this..

It was one fine afternoon, 30th July 2016. It was like swimming for the first time when I slept after paintinh, I felt the sensation in my hands with the brushstrokes.. Time flew by and my thoughts stopped. It was soothing. Healing. Relaxing. Satisfying. Everyday after that I yearn for those wonderful feelings it gives. I painted and painted till now until those loving and caring feeling lingered. Even I am not painting I already know how to go to that peaceful place. My own beautiful world. 💕

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The very first person who have witnessed my first artwork is my daughter Zoe.  She has been there from day one I started to paint to this day.  In fact, it was her art materials that I used to paint and I remember how she teaches to check on my values, tones, color mixing, perspectives, strokes and so much more.  I have also admired her passion in drawing. She is my honest critic and the best inspiration I have in the Universe. 

When I finish a painting, I would show it to her and ask her several times if my work is good or needs improvement. I would ask her a lot... More than 3x and she would be annoyed and would tell me that my work is great.  Sometimes, she would be surprised how I have improved in painting. I would reciprocate the compliment by telling her that she is very talented and at her age her artwork is amazing.  She would remind me that she has been drawing since she was 2 years old and it takes practice, commitment and passion to achieve what she can do now.  And the converstion will continue at complimenting each other and tell each other how we are proud of each other. 

Last November 2016, I have attempted to paint Koi Fish. At that time, I felt frustrated as I thought I could paint it at one try. 

At last, I can say that I can paint a Koi Fish that I am happy and very satisfied with.  I have invested time, effort, art materials and have infused passion, perseverance, courage, determination and lots of love of what I do to improve my artworks.  The feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment is evident. 

 I am willing to improve more and do more of what I love to do. 

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Christopher Reeve is one of my favorite actor and Superman is my favovite Super Hero.  I am in the middle of reading his book "Still Me"  and was compelled to write about this blog which was in my head to write about.  Originally I wanted to have a blog about how we all are warriors in this life. There are so many battles we have to face and the most difficult one is the battle we have to face everyday, every moment, is the battle with our own self. 

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My Father was my biggest Fan.  I am his favorite child. I remember he would boast at how good I am to his friends and relatives. And I feel embarrased as I feel that it is not true that I am good... as I do not have trophies and medals to prove that. 

 When I had my daughter Zoe, I was like my Father talking about how good my daughter is. She would also feel embarassed when she became a teenager and would ask me is she really talented and good.  I would reassure her over and over. Until one day just after her Secondary School commencement that she has finally accepted and believed all the good things I was talking about her. She told me she believed me now. 

As for me, people who have seen my Art have told me that I am talented and good at what I do.  And I believe that I am still not fully believing in myself and still looking for validations like trophies and medals or probably certificates of recognition. 

 It is hindering my growth as a person and as an Artist. 

I would always remind myself that I am good and I am enough. No validations needed.  

 I AM talented.

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At 40, I learned to fall in love... With myself! 

All these years I have been unkind to myself.  I have not taken care of my vessel, I do not see my worth as a person, I carry past sorrows, sadness and loneliness on a day to day basis, I doubted myself, I worry at little things, I hated and ashamed of myself for the mistakes I have done, I feel unworthy... All these are detremental to my well being and have caused deep harm to me. 

At last, I finally realize to love myself, to be happy and to be at peace of who I am.  

 When I felt peace and was really happy after so long, I do not wish to go back to those low frequency feelings. I became grateful on a day to day basis for the all the good things life has to offer. 

It does not stop from realization and learning to love yourself. I have to maintain and nurture that love. I have to hold on to the belief that I deserve all the love and the goodness the Universe provides. 

 I love Me... 



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Happy New Year! Happy New Beginning! Happy New Me!

Welcome 2019! 

2018 has been a great year for me.  So many things to be grateful for and it made me look forward of all the good things coming my way. 

A new chapter is about to unfold in my life.  I am excited to write my own story the way I like it to be. I learned to plan my day to day just to be happy and to feel good.  

I felt the shift during the countdown.   It is another year but also just another day. I learned that at any given point in time I can make the shift and have a new beginning, be a brand new and better me. 

I still look back at the past but I try just to glance and not to stare or spend to much thoughts on regrets, worries, loneliness, failures, heartaches but linger and focus on love, peace, joy, happiness and abundance. 

I wish everyone happYness and peace... and all the good things the Universe has to offer ❤️

Me and my Love

Me and my Love

A New Chapter for Me and My Daughter

I am a proud Mother to my daughter Zoe who is now 17 years old.

My Daughter’s Prom Night marks the last day of her Senior Year in Secondary School. They do not have a graduation day. They just had an exam a day before the Prom and not have much time to prepare for the said occasion. I am glad that she let me participate in choosing her dress, her accessories and shoes. At first I thought that my advise will not matter as she has been talking to her friends about all these. I actually have thought about my prom when I was her age and have not asked my Mother about what to wear or anything regarding prom for that matter. My daughter and I knows that my taste is different from hers and she has already told me not to buy her clothes, shoes, bags without her. She asked me if she can dye her hair red and my eyes widened. I said yes halfheartedly but I know that this is what she likes. She asked me to accompany her at the Salon and wait till it finish. I am glad that it turned out beautiful as the color is not that striking red.

Two days after her prom, it is already her 1st day of work. And again I am happy that she asked me to accompany her to her workplace. She has figured it out that she will work part time while waiting for her O levels result and continue during her Junior College.

I am happy that she is confident about her results and she can already make good decisions about her life. She also told me that she wanted to be a Biologist and a Teacher. And she has mentioned her goals and dreams. Big dreams that is. I support her all the way. She has made me live my life to the fullest. As a Mother of Zoe, I feel so blessed.

We are both looking forward to 2019 for her Junior College. A new beginning for the both of us.


Beautiful Women All Over the World

Women should feel beautiful regardless of their origin, skin color, age, race, status in life…

The world has presented conditions and standards on how a woman is said to be beautiful,,, and they are mostly skin deep. Courage, confidence, love in their hearts, perseverance, passion, joy, peace of mind, a simple smile are some of the characteristics that comprises a beautiful woman. Woman should be empowered to feel beautiful and have self love.


Gift Giving: It is the thought that counts

They say it is the thought that counts when gift giving...
My thoughts on this Limited Edition Mermaid Tail Starbucks clutch bag that I painted:
This will be my Christmas gift to my Sister from UK who will visit me this Christmas holidays... Oh I have another Sister, she might get jealous and might want one too... How about my Mother.. She will surely want one too... Have you thought about your Sisters in Law??! You have Teenager nieces too... And your cousins... Friends... Ahhh I will just keep it for myself... But my daughter might want it... 😂🙄😩😁


Infusing Love and Peace in my Artwork

I cannot stress enough how wonderful the feeling of peace when I am painting. I love every minute of I spent painting. When I was starting painting, someone close to me told me that I am wasting my time in painting as I am not able to do the household chores and not have enough sleep painting in the wee hours. My Sister thought that I have gone crazy because I am painting on leaves, rocks and some items. What I just know is that is makes me calm and I love what I am doing even painting small.

Being passionate with painting I have learnt to love myself more and realized how important to have peace of mind. Fear, worry, doubt and all the negative feelings are being washed away and I feel lighthearted. I am happy to share my artworks to everyone and hope that the love and peace I have infused in my paintings radiates to each soul who sets their eyes into it.

I wish everyone love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance and prosperity.



Pinoy Art TV youtube channel is under the Introducing Filipino Artists Facebook Page. It’s mission is to Introduce Filipino Artists around the World.

Currently they have 13,755 members… Having said that, I am very grateful that with the many talented Filipino Artists, I am amongst one of the featured Artists in the said youtube channel.

I wish to thank Ms. Carmz Legaspi and Mr. Chris Legaspi for choosing me and my Art as one of the featured Artists n your 22 October 2018 episode.

May you be blessed hundred folds



I just watched A Star is Born and was really impressed at the movie particularly the main actor and actress, Bradley Copper and Lady Gaga.

The movie moved me in so many ways and touched my heart.

One major lesson I have learned in the movie is Fame, Fortune and Money are not the only factor that makes someone happy… Even if you have everything.. including a love one beside you who tries to make you happy..

Happiness comes from within and it is you who can make yourself happy. Work on yourself and find things that can make you really really happy in the inside and not just superficial…


All Artists may have thought or dreamed of having their artworks exhibited in a gallery. I would be honest that walking inside a gallery feels intimidating for me. The ambiance inside the gallery and the prices of the magnificent artworks displayed makes me feel uncomfortable after I look and appreciate the beautiful paintings.

Voices in my head would say that someday I will have my artworks displayed in a gallery… but part of me says, maybe after 10 years or not so soon. I feel that I am not ready and my artworks are not good enough. Because of this limiting belief, I dare not ask or research how my artworks can be displayed in an an exhibit. First step has been made, an email and a call to the gallery… a meet up to show my artworks and for the Founder of the Articulture to approve my artworks to be displayed in their gallery…

I was stunned but very grateful at how things just put into place for me; a date has been set to exhibit my paintings… I have to find some of the paintings that I have hidden in the cupboard for a very long time. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

The day came.. I met new and old friends during the exhibit.. the support from strangers, friends and colleagues was very overwhelming. It felt so good how people look at my paintings and appreciate my works.

I am very thankful and forever grateful for the individuals for making my first solo exhibit a dream come true… may you be blessed hundred folds.

I will continue to paint and continue to dream for more exhibits to come.


MY FIRST SOLO EXHIBIT PART 1: Start with a thought, a desire and a day dream

I have been painting almost daily… and I finally realized that this is what I wish to do everyday as it put a smile on my face, calms my mind, soothe my spirit and brings joy in my heart.

Every Artist will have a thought of exhibiting their artworks in a gallery. Having online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other art sites where you can post your paintings is a great way to start.

I have been invited by some Artists to exhibit my artworks in the Philippines. However, I always feel like I am not ready, I feel like my paintings are not that beautiful and some thoughts that sabotages my confidence in myself.

Everyday I just kept on painting… and on 5 January 2018, while I was in a friend’s house, I saw the beautiful wall in their garden and I thought my mini circle paintings would be nice to be photographed in each tiles.

I remember the time while I was reaching for the wall to put the circle mini paintings. I have to be careful not to step on the plants and the soil was very soft as it just rained…

I was mesmerized at how it looked like on that wall…I had this burning desire to have my paintings exhibited in a gallery as I was looking at them and I was day dreaming…

Suddenly, it was drizzling and I have to take out each painting one by one on a tin box where I keep them… with a smile…




It means no worries

for the rest of your days…

Let go of worries… now…