I am Jay and I Love to Paint. I am a Filipino Artist based in Singapore with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from University of Santo Tomas.

I am a self-taught Artist. In my quest to learn meditation and to quiet my mind in 2015, painting was given to me as a gift. My daughter Zoe was doing her School Art project one fine afternoon and I asked if I can try to paint too. 3 hours of painting seem like a breeze and feels like learning to swim for the first time. My mind was at peace, my heart was full of joy, my soul was soothed, and I feel happy and calm. After that, I paint almost every day and wish to share my peace to everyone through my artworks. In my 3 years of painting, my artworks have been in the homes of friends, family and people who bought them from different parts of the World. Some I have donated to charities to raise funds. I was also given an opportunity to teach children how to paint. I am now working towards discovering more of my passion in painting and hope to unleash my unique natural artistic ability. I wish to spread joy, love, peace, happiness and serenity to the Universe through my Artworks.